Like adding images, there are many ways to add text to a clock. First, click Text at the top of the main Control Panel. Next, select where you would like to add text by clicking on a box or rectangle.

A window will open for you to enter your text. NOTE: The size of this window is the approximate size that it will occupy on the clock when printed. In this window, you can adjust the style, size, color and formatting options for your text. When the text has been entered, click on the SAVE icon (the disk). The option to remove the text can be found by right-clicking on the box where you originally entered the text.

If you would like to adjust the proportions of the text area, right-click on the box that contains the text you would like to adjust. You will see an option for CHANGE SIZE. The smaller the number, the smaller the text area will be on the clock, the larger the number, the larger the text area will be on the clock.

The default text area size is 4. If you would like to change the size of ALL the text boxes, change the number under SIZE on the right side of the window and then click CHANGE ALL.