Export & Import

The Export feature allows you to Export your clock as a PDF file, as an Image or BCC clock format. A clock that is exported to a PDF file will allow you to send your clock through email, or post on a website without adjustments being made to your clock (unless the user has a PDF editor). It can also be a great tool for Sales.

If you select to export your clock as an image, you have the option to export the entire clock, or select items and features of the clock to export. You can then use these images for graphic presentations, Word Documents, insert into HTML emails, sales tools - the list is endless.

All clocks are saved in the database. You can open and edit them anytime in the application. If you need to use your clocks on your second computer, send to your colleague or just archive, you can do that by using the EXPORT feature. It opens your list of clocks in the database and you can choose where to export them - to your hard drive, flash disk or LAN.  

Similarly, you can IMPORT clocks that are created using another copy of The Broadcast Clock Creator. Just go to FILE >> IMPORT and locate the clocks in the file system.