There are many ways to add an image to a clock. First, select where you would like an image to be by clicking on a box or rectangle. Then select an image from your computer to put in the clock. The Broadcast Clock Creator can accept JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP files. Once you have selected the image from your hard drive, you will see the image appear inside the box. The option to remove the image can be found by right-clicking on this box. You will see your image on the Clock Preview and can make size adjustments if needed.

The number in the bottom right corner of the image box is the size of the image. If you would like to adjust the proportions of the image, right-click on the box that contains the image you would like to adjust. You will see an option for CHANGE SIZE. The smaller the number, the smaller the image area will be on the clock, the larger the number, the larger the image area will be on the clock.

The default image size is 4. If you would like to change the size of ALL the text boxes, change the number under SIZE on the right side of the window and then click CHANGE ALL.